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Welcome to Our Website

Dr. Pad Application | Patient Management

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Dr. Pad Application

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Welcome to Our WebsiteDr. Pad Application
Welcome to Our WebsiteDr. Pad Application

Welcome to Dr.Pad Website

Dr. Pad–Practice Management app–provides enterprise level features and facilities for Doctors and healthcare professionals to manage their clinics. Set-up clinic at no time, provide limited access to medical assistants and other doctors to work on the clinical data. And, sync the clinical information in a secure cloud that users can access anytime from anywhere using any mobile device.


  • Manage patients’ appointments, visit history and medical records
  • Print, Email, SMS patient’s prescription
  • Save prescription as a template and reuse it
  • Send appointment reminder to a patient by SMS or email
  • Save appointments into your device calendar
  • Invite assistants to work on your clinical data with limited access. The updated clinical data will be readily available for you to look at it.
  • If you are visiting many clinics, then switch to the visiting clinic and access the clinical data (of course, you need an invitation first)
  • Set-up as many clinic as you need and all the clinical data can be stored in a secure cloud. No separate account or setting required.
  • Schedule a time to save the Clinical Data in a secure cloud.
  • Attach a profile picture to your patients and clinics.
  • HIPAA Compliant.
PAID FEATURES: –  $6.99(30% off)
  • Attach many documents(audio, video, and image) to a patient’s visit.
  • Generate patient’s medication and clinical notes as a PDF.
  • Set up many clinics with a single sign-on.
  • Print prescription directly from the app.
  • Templates for sending email, SMS, and print.
  • Save prescription as a template and reuse it.
  • Future enhancements at no cost.
PAID SUBSCRIPTION FOR CLOUD:  $99.99/year(30% 0ff)
  • Includes paid features.
  • Unlimited secured cloud storage and bandwidth.
  • Cross-user and cross-device syncing.
  • Save patients records in an encrypted secure cloud.
  • Invite nurses, assistants, other doctors to work on your clinical data( these members have limited admin access).
  • Manage your clinical members by adding and/or removing from your clinic.
  • Automatic sync at a specific time ( Save data to cloud automatically) and/or using sync option.
  • Send medication and clinical notes as a PDF link to a patient through SMS(message), email, and other apps such as WhatsApp.
  • All future enhancements at no cost.

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