Dr. Pad Mobile EMR

Top rated Appointments and Medical Records Management!

Dr. Pad–Top rated Practice Management app–provides enterprise level features and facilities for Doctors and healthcare professionals to manage their clinics. Set-up clinic at no time, provide limited access to medical assistants and other doctors to work on the clinical data. And, sync the clinical information in a secure cloud that you can access anytime from anywhere using any mobile device.

Customer Reviews

Excellent patient management app!

The attention to detail were now getting, nothing is slipping through the cracks, it’s such a breeze to use nobody is not utilizing it to their fullest!. Easy to setup. – Everything just follows. You feel like you know your way around the app before you even get there with the way it’s setup. I absolutely love this application! Easy to use in different offices, thanks to the friendly Cloud system.

Cesar G M.D.

Medical Practice

Great app!

We can stay organized and have our notes legible. This app is very helpful to us. We use it as our SOAP keeping software.

Blake H


Easy to use.

Easy to use - first time was a charm Innovative - all functions work fine. It helped to organise my clients and keep notes in an orderly manner.

Mauva H CEO

Non-Profit Organization

Easy use and systematic organized.

1 easily recorded clinical notes 2 easy to organize the schedule. Our experience with Dr. Pad was good, and it was a learning experience for us as we sought to modernize our health record system.

Rishin S. Doctor

Hospital & Health Care

Easy usage.

Easy to use. Comfortable interface Pretty looking. Free and easily used, my assistant didn't need much time to use it

Ahmad A

Medical Practice


  • Easy to use mobile app, elegantly designed for phone and tablet.
  • Custom adaptive authentication and social network logins.
  • Create and manage patients’ appointments, visit history, and clinical notes.
  • Create and manage billing for patients.
  • Schedule, reschedule, cancel, or complete status of an appointment.
  • Search patients and appointments.
  • Send appointment reminder to a patient by SMS or email.
  • Save appointments into your device calendar.
  • Auto complete medication once saved initially.
  • Attach a profile picture to your patients and clinics.
  • Attach any two documents(audio, video, and image) to a patient’s visit.
  • HIPAA Compliant.


  • All the free features.
  • Attach many documents(audio, video, and image) to a patient’s visit.
  • Generate patient’s medication and clinical notes as a PDF.
  • Set up many clinics with a single sign-on.
  • Print prescription directly from the app.
  • Templates for sending email, SMS, and print.
  • Save prescription, clinical notes, other notes, and medication as a template and reuse it.
  • Customize template for sending SMS or email reminders, prescription, medication, clinical notes, other notes, and more.
  • Consolidated patient’s clinical notes, medication, other notes, and billings.
  • Future enhancements at no cost.


  • Includes paid and free features.
  • Unlimited secured cloud storage and bandwidth.
  • Cross-user and cross-device syncing.
  • Save patients records in an encrypted secure cloud.
  • Invite nurses, assistants, other doctors to work on your clinical data( these members have limited admin access).
  • Manage your clinical members by adding and/or removing from your clinic.
  • Automatic sync at a specific time ( Save data to cloud automatically) and/or using sync option.
  • Send medication and clinical notes as a PDF link to a patient through SMS(message), email, and other apps such as WhatsApp.
  • Encrypted daily backup of clinical data in the secured cloud(only for system use).
  • Encrypted back up of visit history attached files in the cloud.
  • All the clinical data is stored in highly scalable, available, and secure cloud.
  • All future enhancements at no cost.